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  • Introducing An Outdoor Masterpiece – Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

    Costa Del Mar outdoor sunglasses

    Well! Maybe you have been feeling slightly overworked lately, or even just a bit dulled out by the everyday routine. Perhaps it’s time for a little break, a good time take to the outskirts, a weekend in the forests, we’re talking fishing rods, tents, sleeping bags, the works, and you know what, we’ve got the […]

  • Round & Oval Sunglasses 2016 Reviews

    Round glasses

    The majority of round glasses on the market right now are big shades that are supposed to look glamorous. Often, they cover at least half the face, and they are designed to stop people from being able to see what lies behind those shades. They are oversized, very fashionable and they are most often for […]

  • Flashback to Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

    Double bridge glasses

    It seems so recent but it has already been three weeks since the SBG team went to Milan for Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017. The world capital of fashion hosted the best and most iconic Italian brands, as they put to rest all the questions about what their upcoming collections would include. We were lucky enough […]