Sunglasses Style For This Summer

Between keeping cool, comfortable and classy, dressing suitably for blisteringly hot days can become tricky.For this reason, we thought it would be a good idea to have a chat with  someone who makes summer style look incredibly easy.These are such an amazing charity. Overall, there are lots of achievements which I am proud of, so its really difficult to name the biggest!

I started She Might Be Loved to share my passion of pretty clothes and good makeup. Since then, its basically just magnified into everything and anything I take a liking to. I love sharing my thoughts and opinions on products because I have a real interest in what I do and what I use. Plus, I tell it how it is, so you know when to splash your cash and when to put it away.

How would you describe your personal sense of style?

I like to think I am modern-vintage? So, I like the look and shape of the 1950s but I do not go as far as the pin-up hair. My makeup look is quite pin-up inspired and basically I wear anything to show off my body!

What are your favourite fashion trends for Summer 2016?

I am loving all the prints and there seems to be a real increase in lace this Summer. I am lace obsessed so its making me very happy.

You have won a bunch of awards and modelled for a couple of clothing brands � what would you say has been your biggest blog achievement to date?

Haha � a bunch of awards?!. I have won one award but I have indeed been nominated for a bunch more, which is pretty mind-blowing. The fact I won an award and then became self-employed in the same month was definitely an achievement. Filming with ChildLine has to be another highlight because they

Which are your favourite brands for sunglasses?

Ray-Bans, and I LOVED my Calvin Kleins but I lost them whilst I was away. They were HUGE and I felt very Victoria Beckham.

When you are going on holiday, what do you always pack, aside from a pair of gorgeous sunnies?

I overpack, its ridiculous. I take anything and everything I might need just in case. But when I am away I never want for anything, so its a winning strategy really. Good skincare and moisturisers are essential.

And when it comes to sunglasses, do you have a favourite style formula you stick to, or do you prefer to experiment with shapes and colours?

I love to experiment. Right now, I only own one pair and they are a pretty basic shape: big with a slight angle.

Do you have a favourite summer look?

I used to live in maxi dresses, but now I am all for dresses that flow down to my knees and offer an extra breeze.