Paul Smith Sunglasses: Classic with a Twist

Classic with a Twist: a Paul Smith Sunglasses Signature

Paul Smith sunglasses are just one facet of the British Empire that’s famous for its “classic with a twist” style. Trends can be repetitive and redundant, but Paul Smith makes sure to stray from that pattern and consistently puts out some of the most innovative and stylish creations. Stemming from this success in the fashion world, Paul Smith as a brand is able to influence popular culture and trends in other industries, as well.

Creative Contradictions

One reason Paul Smith sunglasses are able to stay so fresh and eye catching is his unique way of dealing with contradictions in his work: his pieces are high fashion yet ahead of the curve, both traditional and modern, eclectic but down to earth. His ability to flawlessly combine cutting edge fashion with sleek formalwear has been setting him apart from both British and worldwide designers his whole career. Paul Smith sunglasses designs cannot be imitated and make his work timeless and classic.

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Finding Inspiration in the World

When you shop with Paul Smith, you don’t just look at the same pair of sunglasses again and again. Rather, Paul Smith himself says that “you can find inspiration in everything.” This results in much more unique and trendy designs rather than the shelves and shelves of repetitive styles. His pieces also come with a British flair- each one is designed to be unique but not over the top, to be fun yet elegant. No matter what pair you settle on, you’re guaranteed a style that is unique and inspiring.

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All photos courtesy of paulsmithdesign on Instagram.


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