Honey Pop: The Blogger Who Makes Us Believe in Pink

Think pink: a colour with all sorts of feminine, endearing, and now trendy connotations; it has become the ‘it’ hue of our generation. Amanda Davies, however, tends to express her appreciation for the colour in an entirely different way. From the moment you land on honeypopkisses.com, you’re immediately transported into a world of colourful content which, like the colour pink, creates a soothing effect on our emotions.

Join us as we dive into Amanda’s thoughts and opinions on the current fashion trends!


As the editor of Fashion Fix Daily and blogger behind Honey Pop Club and Honey Pop Kisses, how did you find the motivation to start blogging? 

I started blogging as an outlet to talk about fashion whilst I was working as an assistant buyer. At the time I felt my job was creatively stifling and I wanted an outlet to talk about fashion that meant something to me. I never imagined it would become my job.

Honey Pop Kisses is filled with some thrilling beauty and fashion content, and of course, lots of pink! Do you often follow trends or tend to just do your own thing?

 Following trends has never been something that I have done, I love shopping from indie brands and vintage stores and I feel that it’s these pieces that give your wardrobe more individuality.


What do you find to be the most rewarding part of being a blogger, and what have been your challenges?

 I’ll skim this one as I’m pretty sure the long answer would bore everyone! The most rewarding part is working with the brands you love on creating content and campaigns with them. Coupled with working for yourself, something I never thought I would do.

The challenges are linked directly to the rewards; creating constant content is difficult, especially when you are posting twice or three times a week and don’t have anyone else to fall back on apart from yourself. Bloggers never switch off, our lives are our jobs and it usually means we are working 9/10hr days every single day.

 What would you consider to be the ultimate statement sunglasses?

 I know the aviator style is having a resurgence at the moment but I’m a classic girl at heart! For me, cat eye glasses will always make the biggest statement.


Side note: Amanda featured these Fendi FF 0149/S Iridia TLW G5 sunglasses in her blog post about the importance of putting your phone down. For more on that, take a look at her article, here!

 Millennial Pink has become a proverbial trend this year, what are your thoughts on this?

 I’ve loved it! It’s made shopping so much easier! It’s also been great that pink is going back to its roots and becoming prevalent in menswear, it was a colour designed for boys after all. I think the day is coming when colour is genderless, and I for one can’t wait!


 Just for fun: If you could choose to be a character from any Disney movie, who would you be and why?

ANY Disney movie?! Ok, that’s a hard one! I guess I’d have to say one of Ariel’s sisters, can’t get more Disney than a mermaid right?


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