From Blurry Vision to Workout Problems: The Biggest Issues with Wearing Glasses

Wearing glasses is much more low maintenance than contacts- there’s no need to properly sanitize them every night and storage is simple. However, there are a myriad of issues when you actually wear glasses during everyday activities that you may not have thought of. From experiencing blurry vision because of foggy lenses to having to rethink your workout plan, here are the top 5 issues that us as glasses-wearers face everyday.


I’ve lived in places that get both extremely hot and frigidly cold (Seoul, Shanghai, and Chicago), so I definitely know firsthand the struggle of foggy glasses. When I leave my air-conditioned apartment in the summer and step into the sweltering heat, it’s not a rare occurrence for me to have to clean my glasses off before I can see clearly. And even if the weather isn’t driving me crazy, just eating can be a struggle! When you lean in to devour some soup noodles, pull a piping hot snack from the microwave, or check the oven to see how your baked goods are faring, your glasses will fog up instantly and make the task at hand much more challenging.



As an athlete, wearing glasses is an especially big struggle. During contact or team sports most refs won’t let you wear glasses because of the dangerous aspect of them breaking or hitting someone. But even if you’re more of a personal fitness aficionado, there’s a few problems you’ll have to address. From slipping down your nose due to sweat to bouncing around every time you take a step, glasses aren’t exactly the most convenient part of a workout.



Ahh makeup. The beautiful, life changing stuff of dreams. Unfortunately, if you prefer glasses, there are a few things to consider for your beauty routine. The first and foremost issue is applying makeup in general. If your prescription is strong, applying eye and face makeup can be difficult when your face in the mirror is blurry- or, sometimes, the long handles of your brush make it impossible to get close enough to the mirror for your eyes to be able to see! And even once your makeup is on, you might run into the issue of having lashes that are so long they smudge mascara on the lenses or hit your glasses with every blink.



This is a universal one- no matter what your lifestyle you’re gonna be showering regularly. But when you slip off your glasses to hop in and get clean, you maaay run into some unexpected problems. For instance, it’s a real struggle to differentiate what the labels on similarly coloured bottles say, and shaving can be quite hard when you can’t see if your legs still look patchy.

Rain and Snow

Facing blurry vision when you walk into extreme temperatures isn’t the only challenge the weather poses to your glasses. When it’s raining or snowing outside, it’s a constant battle to keep your glasses free of droplets long enough to get where you want to go. Nothing is more annoying than not carrying an umbrella because it’s barely raining outside but then getting misty droplets all over your glasses so that you can’t even see!

Though wearing glasses comes with a fair amount of issues, we won’t stop using them! So if you decided this article isn’t enough to convince you out of wearing eyeglasses, check out this article to be reassured what the best parts about wearing glasses are, and browse SmartBuyGlasses for your next favourite pair!


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