Eyewear and Famous Football Players

What is it about football anyway? Despite having a rather narrow set of skills, the stars of the top European leagues seem to command an almost unquestionable authority over the hearts of our generation. Perhaps it’s the wealth and glamour surrounding the best of the best, or the very attribute of being exceptionally skilled at something practically everyone has tried their hand (or indeed foot) at. None of us would say no to being able to earn riches and renown from doing something we love.

The reasons none withstanding, footballers are modern day heroes. We pay close attention to their every move, down to the very seams of their clothes and the wordings of their tweets. Never is their status as trendsetters as abundantly clear as when following the reactions after Neymar changes his hairstyle, or Lionel Messi decides to alter his facial hair. But what about eyewear? Let’s take a closer look at the modern history of football and sunshade fashion.


The link between football and style as we know it was more or less created by David Beckham in the early 2000’s. The aftershave line Instinct, his legendary underwear line and his marriage to arguably the coolest (and by far the most British) of the Spice Girls all contributed to his larger-than-life image. He usually wore classic black wayfarers but was no stranger to mixing it up.

Sunglasses to Sport


Still got it, Becks!

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After Beckham, a number of the world’s best players followed suit. Swedish Fredrik Ljungberg’s worldwide campaign for Calvin Klein made him a household name in fashion, and French striker Thierry Henry helped Nike establish their hold on the sportswear market of the early 2000’s. Coincidentally, they both favoured the aviator frame.



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Today, the Beautiful Game is all about Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, both on the pitch and off it. When it comes to style, however, Ronaldo takes the win every single time, even if he has one Ballon d’Or fewer than the Argentinian. His best outfits are often topped off with tinted aviators.



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Football transcends national borders and is about constant innovation. It is about the interplay between individual creativity and team play. These things it has very much in common with fashion. Perhaps that is why football and fashion are such a perfect, if somewhat unexpected match. All we know is that footballers have made it their business to look sharp, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic. For more on sport’s sunglasses and eyewear trends, take a look at our Running Sunglasses article, here.

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