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  • Top 5 All-Time Best Selling Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men


    Indeed, some sunglasses are designed so well they stand the coming and going of trends and somehow remains relevant but not all sunglasses are made equal. Well, here we’ll  list down the top 5 all-time best selling Ray-Ban sunglasses for men. As we all known, Ray-Ban has been making sunglasses since 1937, that’s almost 80 […]

  • Round & Oval Sunglasses 2016 Reviews

    Round glasses

    The majority of round glasses on the market right now are big shades that are supposed to look glamorous. Often, they cover at least half the face, and they are designed to stop people from being able to see what lies behind those shades. They are oversized, very fashionable and they are most often for […]

  • 6 Best Running Sunglasses 2016 Reviews

    Duduman Polarized Sports Sunglasses

    If you’re looking for the best sunglasses to use while you’re out running, our detailed guide below will help you choose the right pair. Things to Consider for Running Sunglasses The main goal of sunglasses is to protect your eyes, and there are a few things your sunglasses need in order to do this well. […]

  • NINE EYEWEAR: Good Design Award-2016

    Nine Eyewear

      International eyewear design award The Danish eyewear company NINE EYEWEAR has been awarded the Good Design Award of Japan. Glad to share with you the news that this notable Good Design Award 2016 goes to 3rd 2433 from nine eyewear. The Good Design Award honors designer products that enrich people’s life, and gives nine […]

  • 5 iconic characters and their big league sunglasses

    “If you are good at something, never do it for free” if JOKER is hovering over your mind after reading this, then congratulations! You’ve made it to the movie-buff club. Some movies are exclusive because of their unique characters, and some characters stand out because of their iconic possessions. You can never imagine Thor without […]

  • OKO Review: Acetate BIZ Collection

    Chromatic combinations never stop fascinating the OKO house which plays on visual material effects thanks to the acetate which allows to let go, consider and investigate new possibilities. With this newcomer the BIZ9, small innovative achievement, the designer succeeded on putting first and in front the intermediate plate to create an original visual effect – […]

  • Prada Sport Linea Rossa PS54IS Review

    Prada Sport Linea Rossa PS54IS

    My brother has a pair of metal framed glasses that have lasted for a decade. They don’t have overly large lenses, and they were not particularly expensive when he bought them, but they have had the staying power of more years than I thought possible. Prada Brings The Staying Power– I hope! The Prada Sport […]

  • The Most Fashionable Customers Of Lenskart

    So, here’s our first list of our most fashionable peeps… Are you in here? If not, don’t worry, this has now become a regular feature, and who knows, you may be there in the next one We do keep talking about the most fashionable celebs, the most fashionable politicos etc. etc… But for us, the […]

  • Review Han Green Sunglasses – SS 2016

    Han Green Sunglasses – SS 2016

    Introducing two new styles into their lineup, the “Green Outdoor” and “Green” sunglasses. Both feature the same classic  well-proportion shape, done in a modern way, with original touches. However, the Green Outdoor has an addition of full metal mesh side-shields for a more hard edged post-apocalyptic vibe. Both feature adjustable nose-pads for a finely tuned […]