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  • How to match your lipstick with your glasses

    Sassy shade of lipstick and I-am-too-cool-for-school eyewear is a match made in heaven. From pop queens Rihanna and Jennifer Anniston to our desi-fashionistas, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, these women have time and again experimented with (and rocked) many eyewear-lipstick pair. But with multiple shades of lipstick and eyewear waiting us to pick them, how […]

  • D-Eye-Y: Holders for your glasses

    Aren’t you tired of the situation when you desperately want your glasses and they are nowhere to be seen? Being a specsy myself, I can guarantee you must be. A regular knight in the shining armour, Lenskart offers a wide range of eyeglasses or sunglasses stand that are sure to come to the rescue. But, […]

  • Easy & understated: That’s Samir Kochhar’s style

    TV presenter and Bollywood actor, Samir Kochhar is ranked among India’s 50 most good-looking men. Kochhar’s charming anchoring ability for the last 7 years has led him to be known as the face of the Indian Premier League (IPL).Besides being an almost indispensable part of this cricketing extravaganza, Kochhar is a fitness enthusiast and a […]

  • Specsy is the new sexy

    Evolution is inevitable! From the rising sun to a popping pimple, things transform and keep changing. It’s the rule of nature. It’s as inevitable as your lipstick finishing or your hair color fading. But then there is other phenomenon, similar but huge, stretched over a longer period of time, even decades. It’s magical how something […]

  • 5 super foods that protect your eyes

    Nature has given us everything in abundance. We have still not fully explored the pros and cons of different foods it offers. While some foods help reduce weight, work wonders for your skin, there are some that improve your eyesight! Read on to know more about them… 1. Green leafy vegetables Nutrient-dense greens such as […]

  • 5 Mumbai cafés which are reader’s den

    Mumbai is beautiful! Brimming with culture, people, beaches and food, though the heavy rains and traffic can send anyone into a frenzy. Sometimes, it makes you wish if you could escape from the chaotic life of the big city and dwell into a world of quietude. For people who are constantly on the lookout of […]

  • 5 Acupressure points to improve your vision

    Eyes, as William Shakespeare once said, are the ‘window to your soul’. Whether it’s emotional, physical or psychological, our eyes reflect the state of our being, not withstanding the fact that they are our ‘windows to the world’. It’s imperative for us to make sure that our eyes remain healthy for the longest time and […]

  • “I love sunglasses”: Tisca Chopra

    She is known for her unconventional roles in Bollywood, but what everyone doesn’t know is that she’s also a writer and a social worker. It was a happy coincidence that Lenskart got to chat with this lovely lady, Tisca Chopra. A Yoga enthusiast and an uber-chic doting mother, Tisca has been a part of some […]

  • We Are Sorry!

    Dear All, Today is a sad day for us. We witnessed an earthquake that hit Nepal and North India which has caused extensive loss of life and property. Our hearts reach out to the many who have been affected by the earthquake. Today we also sent out an sms offer which referred to the earthquake […]

  • The bold and the beautiful of April

    How does one define an April-born? They’re known for their athleticism, alluring beauty, star quality, amiability and courage. They stick to what they love and let their work and success do the talking. But I believe they have a static sense of eyewear style as well. So, let’s have a look! Athletic souls Adventurous and […]

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