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  • #FindYourOrange Second Summer Contest!

    Tamryn’s Instagram Takeover For the second FindYourOrange summer contest, we had the pleasure to welcome @Wannabefashionblogger on our Instagram account! She posted 5 amazing orange pictures to share her summer with us. Here they are: For me, summer is all about capturing memorable moments. Nothing says summer more than walking around during the warmer months […]

  • 6 Reasons Wearing Glasses is Better than Contacts

    It’s been a long journey to where I am with wearing glasses, and I flip-flopped between glasses and contacts a lot. Growing up, being an athlete was the entire reason I got contacts in the first place. Soccer isn’t exactly a glasses-friendly sport (and I didn’t want to have to buy or wear goggles when […]

  • Eyewear and Famous Football Players

    What is it about football anyway? Despite having a rather narrow set of skills, the stars of the top European leagues seem to command an almost unquestionable authority over the hearts of our generation. Perhaps it’s the wealth and glamour surrounding the best of the best, or the very attribute of being exceptionally skilled at […]

  • Summer Vibes All Year Long with Roxy Glasses

    Roxy sunglasses are just one line of a groundbreaking brand that introduced women’s surfwear to the market, so it’s no wonder that they also bring serious summer vibes. The line prides itself in making affordable, high-quality sunglasses that protect your eyes all year-round. At SmartBuyGlasses, we agree, which is why we stock a wide range […]

  • From Blurry Vision to Workout Problems: The Biggest Issues with Wearing Glasses

    Wearing glasses is much more low maintenance than contacts- there’s no need to properly sanitize them every night and storage is simple. However, there are a myriad of issues when you actually wear glasses during everyday activities that you may not have thought of. From experiencing blurry vision because of foggy lenses to having to […]

  • How to Take Care of your Eyes during the Summer

    “Eyes are the mirror of the soul” – they say – so why wouldn’t you take care of them? Let’s be more practical; your eyes are beautiful in every shape and colour, they are your secret weapon, you can do magic with your eyes and therefore eye care has to be an essential part of […]

  • Fashion Model Gigi Hadid Is Back In Sight

    The It-Girl Strikes Again Everybody in the fashion industry knows it: the 90’s trend is coming back again and it’s coming back hard. Not only are the biggest fashion houses and fashion models incorporating these old trends into their collections, so are celebrities. Fashion model Gigi Hadid and her crew (Bella, Kendall, Kylie & Hailey) are […]

  • Paul Smith Sunglasses: Classic with a Twist

    Classic with a Twist: a Paul Smith Sunglasses Signature Paul Smith sunglasses are just one facet of the British Empire that’s famous for its “classic with a twist” style. Trends can be repetitive and redundant, but Paul Smith makes sure to stray from that pattern and consistently puts out some of the most innovative and […]

  • Honey Pop: The Blogger Who Makes Us Believe in Pink

    Think pink: a colour with all sorts of feminine, endearing, and now trendy connotations; it has become the ‘it’ hue of our generation. Amanda Davies, however, tends to express her appreciation for the colour in an entirely different way. From the moment you land on, you’re immediately transported into a world of colourful content […]

  • #FindYourOrange Third Summer Giveaway!

    It’s time for the third giveaway recap! Read until the end as we will reveal the giveaway winner! Kayla’s Instagram Takeover For this giveaway, we had the pleasure to welcome @shortpresents to take over our Instagram account. She shared her summer with us, posting 5 orange pictures. “Hello Lovelies! I’m Kayla of @shortpresents hailing all […]

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