6 Reasons Wearing Glasses is Better than Contacts

It’s been a long journey to where I am with wearing glasses, and I flip-flopped between glasses and contacts a lot. Growing up, being an athlete was the entire reason I got contacts in the first place. Soccer isn’t exactly a glasses-friendly sport (and I didn’t want to have to buy or wear goggles when there was another option) and clear vision was necessary to see how volleyballs and Frisbees spin in the air.

So, when my vision started interfering with my sports performance, my mother dutifully brought me to the ophthalmologist and patiently waited the half hour it took me to get my first contact in.

That was back in middle school, and was the start of my transition to using contacts full time. For the next five to six years, I wore contacts every single day, all day. Contacts are great and convenient in many ways, but, as a college student, I’ve actually found that sports and formal events are nearly the only time I put them in. As someone who used to find wearing glasses to be extremely annoying, unattractive, and impractical, here are the top six reasons I’ve slowly grown to love them.

1. Easy Napping


My freshman year of college I would usually average 2 quick catnaps a day… before noon. As someone who had to leave at 7 to get to my morning class yet was still spending my nights exploring a new city and atmosphere of college, I was always super tired, every day, and often took every short opportunity I had to nap. And glasses are much easier to nap with than contacts; just pop ‘em off and place them next to you and drift off.

2. Morning routine


When I wake up with puffy, sleepy eyes, prying my tired lids open to stick contacts in is the last thing I want to do. Transitioning to wearing glasses regularly made my morning routine so much easier. Though the time may be insignificant, not having to worry about contacts makes my morning routine much less stressful.

3. Messy Makeup


When I give myself 10 minutes to get ready after snoozing multiple times, no way am I gonna be able to make sure my eyeliner is perfectly symmetrical. Wearing glasses honestly draws attention away from any imperfect makeup and makes me a lot less self conscious about any mishaps I may have had in the morning.

4. Light Packing

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Contact lens have always been a pain for me to travel with- I have to make sure I bring enough contacts (if they’re dailies), or worry about how many to bring in case I lose or rip a pair of my 2 weeks, find a travel sized bottle of contact solution, and then try not to lose all the tiny little contact cases I have in my toiletries bag. Not to mention, if it’s a spontaneous night spent somewhere you’re not expecting, it’s a lot easier to be able to see the next morning if you were wearing glasses than if you had to throw out a pair of contacts.

5. Comfort

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Similar to the whole “napping” issue, glasses are just a lot more low key than contacts. You don’t have to worry about dry or irritated eyes, and they’re much faster and easier to put on/take off than contacts are. For someone who often has packed days with both studying for hours but also jumping on a bike and exploring a new part of town, glasses are much more versatile and comfortable for me.

6. Finding the Right Pair


While I still pop in a pair of contacts for formal events or if I want to look nice for pictures, finding the right pair of glasses has made me so much more willing to wear them. Making sure the pair complements your face (if you need help with that check out this super cool feature) and style can make such a big difference. The perfect pair of glasses can be your best and most flattering accessory, and there are times when I would rather wear my glasses purely for the aesthetic of it! And, if you’re worried whether or not you’ll be able to pull off your favorite makeup look while wearing glasses- don’t worry, you definitely can (but check out this article if you need some tips!).

This round pair and this tortoiseshell bombshell are some of my current faves, but check out SmartBuyGlasses for more. Also, if you’ve decided this article isn’t very convincing and wearing glasses doesn’t quite fit your lifestyle, take this fun quiz to see which contact lenses you should commit to!

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