Street Style & Eyewear Trends in Summer 2017

Spring has come and gone, and now it’s time to bring out the colourful ensembles and sparkling accessories for the summer! Scorching hot temperatures often comes with an Instagram thread featuring ‘barely-there’ dressed influencers, who in recent years have exposed more of their skin with sheer fabrics, crop-tops, thigh-high splits and oversized shades to match. This is not always the case, but it doesn’t hurt to wonder which street style trends will make the best fashion moments for 2017. In the meantime, we at Smartbuyglasses will give you an idea.


Sparkly Sunglasses and Kooky Desirables

From street style looks to red carpet events, Gucci designer sunglasses have made their mark on everyone’s eyewear trends list. Salma Hayek sported Gucci from head to toe at the Cannes Film Festival and took to Instagram to pay ode to the hottest trend of the season.

It seems that the dramatically over-sized sunnies craze and all that comes with it also leads to the street style trend of dressing like a manic pixie dream girl. Rihanna worked her Met Gala after party look with such confidence and swag, we couldn’t help but dream of owning everything she wore that night. The Bad Gal also opted to pair her Gucci frames with a nightwear ensemble! If you’re feeling inspired by this dream girl look, check out our new collection of Gucci items here.

Dark Sunglasses and ‘Barely-there’ Ensembles

Supermodels Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner are not only ferocious Instagram influencers and supermodels, but they’re also street style royalty. Recently, we’ve spotted both Bella and Kendall sporting lighter ensembles which often exposes more of their skin, hence the term ‘barely-there’. The look is often completed with dark retro sunglasses and a killer walk to go.

Both Bella and Kendall are rocking the round retro sunglasses – a popular eyewear trend that won’t fizzle out anytime soon. The Beatles legend and 70’s style icon John Lennon was known for sporting round sunglasses. This was often seen as an accessory to accommodate his effortlessly cool persona. If you’re in the mood to be dark and daring, try out these Ray- Ban Round Metal sunglasses.

Lightly Tinted Lenses and Vibrant Street Wear

Speaking of Rihanna, she’s been making headlines lately with her thicker, fuller physique. Our own, personal favourite trend for this summer is confidence. If your eyes are captivating, why hide them behind dark lenses? If you know that your curves are smoking, why not show them off? Combine brave, lightly tinted lenses these are amongst the cooler pair’s, with eye-catching colours and 90’s retro. Note the nails and the lipstick; with shades of a lighter colour, you want a powerful contrast.


Pink Lenses and Block Colours

street style and eyewear trends

Dutch supermodel and actress Doutzen Kroes shows us what to do with that cute, pink pair of sunnies that we just couldn’t keep ourselves from getting. To balance the girly vibes, she successfully pulls off this sleek block minimalism with long sleeves, a long skirt and bold colour combinations. For us who also want to look like superstars that look like aren’t trying to look like superstars, we might want to have a look at Ray-Ban’s New Blaze Collection to do the job marvellously. Combine with simple but high-quality pieces to make your outfit breathe wealth and gravitas.

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