How to Wear Orange Eyewear With Style

Summer is approaching! It’s slowly getting warmer and with more sunny days, more people are getting their sunglasses out. But did you notice how boring many sunglasses look? Dark colors like black and brown are dominant, and mirror sunglasses are an evergreen, but does it always have to be the good old Ray-Ban Sunglasses?

To start off summer, we want to introduce you some sunglasses with brighter colors and which color feels more like summer than orange? Not only is orange the color of our brand, but it’s also a color full of energy, movement, and dynamism. For us, orange has a rejuvenating quality and conjures feelings of optimism and positivity. But above else, orange is about freedom and having the courage to be ourselves. Orange is an adventure!

This summer will be orange.  Under the hashtag #FindYourOrange we have collected images that show what orange inspires in people.

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We picked five models from our catalog that convey summer perfectly, and will pull you away from the mainstream. But do you also know how to wear them and how to combine them? Don’t worry we will show you.

Fendi Eyeshine

Fendi-FF-0177-S-KWL-PD orange eyewear

Fendi is known among sunglasses lovers for their new interpretations of classic designs. This also goes for this shiny model. The round frame is perfect for the beach style, and the orange color is a hard to miss fashion statement.

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Add these sunnies to your beach or summer outfit. Nobody will overlook you at the next beach party. To effortlessly show these sunglasses off, pull your hair back into a braid, or use gel if you have short hair. Not only will your face shape be more defined, but the fragile frame will also be in perfect display like this.

Polaroid PLD6014

Polaroid-PLD-6014-S-H0A-OZ orange eyewear

The frame of these Polaroid sunglasses is the traditional Wayfarer. The orange color give these sunnies an innovative touch. This model can be best combined with business fashion or casual business outfits.

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We recommend to choose dark colors or white to soften the intensity of the orange color. Feel free to add some orange highlights, such as a bag or cute pumps. Obviously, they go best with dark hair; brown or black, as they built a nice contrast, but these sunglasses are also suitable for blondes and red haired.

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Color Mix

Ray Ban RB2132 7893F orange eyewear

Ray-Ban is inspiring us for years with their simple designs. This pair of sunglasses is another proof of their reinterpretation of the Wayfarer frame. The bright orange color is placed in the background and the black takes up its strength and brightness.

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These sunnies are perfect for a nice picnic in the park or just for chilling outside. Choose a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit to go with these sunglasses and make sure to pick out dark colors, so that the orange is not taken up by other colors.

Italia Independent

Italia Independent 0026 055 orange eyewear

Over the last few years, Italia Independent has established themselves as a serious brand for sunglasses. Their innovative frames are fashion in their essence and go best with light floating cottons. These sunnies display a craziness that is hard to find in other sunglasses brands.

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These shades you can combine easily with dark colors that are on the black to grey scale. As already mentioned they go best with dresses and skirts, but long floating pants look great as well.



Havaianas expanded their range of products to sunglasses. These round frames show different shades of orange, and are perfect for funsport outside. Havaianas also made sure that these sunnies are available in almost every color you can imagine.

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Add these sunglasses to your sport outfit. They beg to be combined with sneakers and shorts. Not only will you be able to show off your fashion sense like this, but everybody will also notice that Havaianas is not only FlipFlops.

What do you think about our orange sunglasses collection? We have introduced five different models for almost every occasion during summer. This season begs for a bright, energizing color that shows off independence and self-confidence. #FindYourOrange

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