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When you think of the common expressions used to describe influencers, or the young faces who launched tens of thousands of views on the bloggersphere – we often imagine them to be stylish individuals with a huge following on Instagram. Amber Hotigloo offers us more than that. She’s a journalist-turned-blogger, who launched Hot Igloo Productions Ltd with her husband, and later launched her blog ForeverAmber in 2006.

10+ years later, we were given the opportunity to collaborate with Amber and also gather a bit of insight into what makes her passion for blogging seem anything but ephemeral. We all know the famous saying ‘Fashion fades. Style is eternal’, but what about blogging as a career?

Let’s hear her thoughts!

Can you tell us a little about what motivated/inspired you to start ForeverAmber?

“I’ve always kept diaries, and when I discovered an online community of diary writers, many years ago, I knew I had to join them: it seemed like an amazing way to document my life, and hopefully get to know other people who were doing the same!”

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There’s all this digital-talk about influencers and bloggers who master content that sells due to their huge follower base. Do you feel as though this creates a lot of pressure for individual style bloggers such as yourself?

“There is definitely a lot more competition in blogging these days, which can create a lot of pressure, but I find it also helps push me to keep creating better content, so it’s not always a bad thing!”


We all have those moments in life where we feel as though this life thing is a trap! How do you deal with the stresses that come with doing what you love?

Cleaning! I can’t concentrate when my house is untidy, so if I’m feeling stressed, I have a huge clear-out, which frees my mind to get on with the job!

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What advice would you give to new bloggers that you wish you knew yourself?

“Be yourself, and don’t get caught up in the idea that there’s only one way to blog, and that you should basically be a carbon-copy of everyone else. Make yourself aware of publishing and copyright law, so you don’t find yourself landed with a huge invoice, because you thought it was OK to steal images as long as you wrote, “Image: Pinterest” underneath. Never stop learning and analysing what works and what doesn’t. Take the best photos you possibly can – images are SO important now. Don’t waste time on comment pods and doing, “follow-for-follow” – one genuine reader/follower is worth 1,000 ones you had to pay for or bribe. Finally, write the blog you want to read yourself: I know that advice gets repeated all the time to people, but it’s because it’s good – if you don’t enjoy writing a blog post, people probably won’t enjoy reading it, either.”

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Everyone has their own personal taste in eye wear – can you tell us a bit about yours favourite eyewear brand? 

“I love Tom Ford for sunglasses, and anything a vaguely retro-inspired feel!”



When you hear the phrase “street style icon” who comes to mind?

“I don’t think I have one: I don’t really follow street style50s-inspired dresses, red lipstick, and ghost stories – not necessarily all at the same time, you understand, but that works for me.”

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And just for fun: You’re stuck in a room with Karl Lagerfeld- he’s been knocked out (unconscious) and you have just woken up to this unusual situation. What is the first thing you would do and why? Take off his sunglasses and see what he looks like without them OR scream for help?

“I’d let him keep the sunglasses – if he can’t see where he’s going, I’d have a better chance of getting out first!”

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