Reviewing The Eyewear From Etro

Etro Eyewear

“The team at our Italian Design and Product Development Center will work in collaboration with Etro’s designers to interpret and translate the strong identity of the fashion house, including the iconic paisley motif, in order to conceive sophisticated eyewear collections featuring the high quality of ‘Made in Italy’ manufacturing.” – Claudio Gottardi

Etro is a family business that was started in 1968, this Italian company is one of the biggest fashion houses in the world. The company boasts some of the most stylish and fashion forward brands in the world yet they still have that vintage touch “New Tradition” to their products with the signature paisley pattern which is synonymous with brand. They have both menswear and women’s-wear and a large portfolio of accessories.

etro sunglasses

Marchon is one of the largest manufacturer and distributors of eyewear in the world. The company embodies products such as Calvin Klein, Nike, Sean John and so many other prestigious brands and markets.

The company signed a licensing agreement with Marchon to manufacture, design and distribute Etro Eyewear.The paisley pattern can be seen on the sunglasses showing that new tradition that etro is known for. Etro is elegant and classy the venture into the eyewear world is nothing but an upgrade of this standard as they have made masterpieces in the eyewear scene.

“It’s a significant debut that represents for us a new challenge, and that gives us new energy. It comes from the need of completeness: The creation of an eyewear line is a further step in our creative and stylistic path, which contributes to the strengthening of our brand identity and heritage.” – Jacopo Etro.

etro sunglasses

The glasses have beautiful designs and the collection speaks volumes of class elegance, style and they still hold that Etro touch to them.etro eyewear

The glasses are a must have, they have so many different varieties to them to choose from. For more of Etro eyewear, take a look at SmartBuyglasses and get yourself a pair

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